Morning Music: B.G “Hard Times”

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bg rapper“My mama crying cuz she think I’ma get my head bust
But I tell her growing’ up with no daddy is rough
Welfare ain’t enough
And I wanna shine
So I’m going get mine nigga and get out these hard times”

(c) Living Legend B.G

RANDOM ILL: Jadakiss “All For The Love”

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“You just another so and so trying to flow going broke.” – @Therealkiss

12 things white people can do now because of Ferguson

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Originally posted on Quartz:

As we all know by now, Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenage boy, was gunned down by the police while walking to his grandmother’s house in the middle of the afternoon. For the past few days my Facebook newsfeed has been full of stories about the incidents unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri.

But then I realized something.

For the first couple of days, almost all of the status updates expressing anger and grief about yet another extrajudicial killing of an unarmed black boy, the news articles about the militarized police altercations with community members and the horrifying pictures of his dead body on the city concrete were posted by people of color. Outpourings of rage and demands for justice were voiced by black people, Latinos, Asian Americans, Arab American Muslims. But posts by white people were few at first and those that I saw were posted mostly by my white activist or…

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